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Why Choose Custom-Imprinted Balloons?

• Your message will SOAR
  • A bank offers balloons featuring their logo to announce a new service
  • Guaranteed to bring a smile to kids and parents!
  • A restaurant greets every child with a kids menu printed on a colorful helium balloon to create a cheerful atmosphere.
  • Fact: More than 50% of the time, children select the restaurant the family eats at!!! (source: Nations Restaurant News)
  • A restaurant greets every child with a kids menu printed on a colorful helium balloon to create a cheerful atmosphere.
  • Balloons brighten everyone's day!
  • A doctor or dentist rewards their young patients with a dancing, custom-imprinted balloon and gains smiles and publicity at the same time
  • Balloons celebrate a good check-up and encourage younger patients with proof positive reinforcement
• They are 100% biodegradable (natural latex)

• Easy to use accessories

  • Curling Ribbon ( 3/16" x 500 yards )
  • Universal Tie with Ribbon
  • Universal Valve with Ribbon
  • Balloon Sticks

• Thirty (30) vivid and vibrant balloon colors available:

  • STANDARD COLORS (primary colors which appear opaque in appearance): white, red, yellow, blue, pink, green, orange, hunter green, assorted. Recommend black ink for best contrast to these lighter colors.
  • PASTEL/FASHION-TONE COLORS (deep true pastels with a sheen): lime green, marigold, jade green, peach, teal, fuchsia pink, aqua, light blue, violet, assorted. Can use white or black ink. Recommend white for best contrast.
  • CRYSTAL/JEWEL-TONE COLORS (rich and deep in color with jewel-like tone and transparent appearance. Ideal for that festive, formal look.): ruby red, red, black, ;navy blue, burgundy, emerald green, orange, violet, yellow, aquamarine, clear, assorted. Recommend white ink for best contrast on these deep, rich colors.
  • METALLIC (colorized that have a metallized sheen, being both rich and shiny in appearance. They make a dynamic statement wherever they are used.): gold, silver. Recommend white or black ink.

• Ideal for grand openings and new product introductions

  • A health club advertises "Zero In On Fitness" on their balloons
  • Tie a big, colorful, bright bunch of balloons to the sign (or another object) outside your business. It's an ideal, economical way to get your point across while calling attention to your business.
  • A car dealership has their logo imprinted on one side and "Zero Money Down" on the second side.
  • Attract interest and attention to your event
  • A retailer creates excitement and interest by giving away thousands of balloons at a grand opening.
  • Beantown Balloons build traffic - they can be used as giveaways or as a tie-in with ;a purchase. They are perfect for sales, grand openings, special events, holidays, back-to-school promotions, introduction of new product lines, and fundraising.
  • Balloons are FUN and create EXCITEMENT!
  • Kids love balloons and Beantown Balloons love kids!

• Printed balloons are probably the lowest priced "flying" advertising piece one can purchase, and can be as low as 6 cents per piece.

  • Within seconds, Beantown Balloons can be seen and read by hundreds of people. Few items cost so little and have so much appeal.

•The printed image on a balloon is always seen by multiple individuals.

  • It is not an advertisement that stays in someone's office. That makes the ratio of cost per impression, very low.

•Balloons are taken from one location to another as kids and even adults, find it an item that is hard to part with.

  • The image printed on a balloon can be seen at many different areas of a particular community.
  • Balloons are a great item to give away to kids because it makes them happy and keeps them occupied.
  • Parents appreciate that while they shop and may tend to buy more instead of leaving because of an unruly child.


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