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Beantown Corporate Helium Program
Skil Enterprises
9210 4th Street N
St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Phone: 800-329-0010
Fax: 727-576-5366

Processing invoices will be simplified and more cost-effective. All invoicing will be to one location from one vendor, eliminating excess paperwork, saving staff time and streamlining communication. Centralized billing and ordering!

One phone call to our toll-free number (1-800-329-0010) by the store manager means top-quality helium tanks will be delivered promptly and efficiently. We are committed to making your balloon program successful.

All locations are billed the same per tank rate. Please call for current rates. Costs are controlled and monitored by the appropriate person at the corporate level - not by individual store managers. Uniform pricing even to the most remote locations without an additional charge.

Higher volume means lower costs. By purchasing helium for all of your locations from one vendor, you are realizing a volume discount. We are the largest helium supplier in the USA.

We provide technical support for your staff through our toll-free phone number . Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable in all aspects of helium safety and proper usage. We supply each store with a "helium program book."

Call our corporate specialist to discuss a customized helium program for your company!


• The Main Objectives of Our Program

  • Provide personalized service when stores place orders for helium and answer any questions they may have regarding helium and/or balloon program.
  • Place helium in the retail facilities in a timely manner. Provide simplicity for corporate accounts through centralized ordering and billing.
  • Provide uniform pricing to even the most remote locations without an additional charge Please call for current rates.
  • Why S.K.I.L. Enterprises Will Make Your Balloon Program a Total Success
  • We are the largest helium supplier in the United States.
  • We have been servicing large corporate accounts for seven years, so we are familiar with corporate billing procedures.
  • We have knowledgeable employees who can answer questions regarding all aspects of the balloon program (helium, regulators, balloons).
  • We supply each store with a "helium program book" which provides all information about the program, including helium tank safety, environmental information, seasonal order cutoff dates, how to properly install a regulator, etc.
  • We have excellent pricing to assure you a healthy profit on the balloon program Please call for current rates.
  • We have distributors inline to insure a complete and successful rollout and reorders in a timely and efficient manner.
  • You can order toll-free 24 hours a day at 1-800-329-0010. Business hours are 7:30 to 5:30 Eastern Time Monday through Friday. A voice-mail will take orders and questions after hours which will be handled the next business morning. If you prefer, you may fax your order to 727-576-5366.
  • We are dedicated to our clients.
• Basic Information about Rentals
  • We supply a 219-244 cubic foot helium tank.
  • A helium tank holds approximately 2,000 p.s.i., which will fill up approximately 900 10" latex balloons.
  • The price includes the government Hazmat compliance fee and delivery charge.
  • There is a monthly tank rental fee. Please call for current rates
  • We always provide 99.9% premium helium.
  • We supply an information sheet with cut-off dates to guarantee product delivery, especially during the largest balloon holidays (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.).
  • S.K.I.L. Enterprises, Inc. provides full customer service answers to your questions regarding every aspect of your balloon program.

Order toll-free 24 hours a day at 1-800-329-0010!

Skil Enterprises
9210 4th Street N
St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Phone: 800-329-0010
Fax: 727-576-5366




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